Full Body Strength & Core (Upper Body Focus)

The Class

Join me for this 40 MINUTE FULL BODY STRENGTH WORKOUT that can done at home with one or two sets of dumbbells (one heavy and one lighter if you have them), a set of resistance bands and sometimes a small pilates ball or cushion.

It’s a low impact workout for the full body with a focus on upper body strength and core. I’ll show plenty of modifications to ensure everyone can join in and feel the benefit!

Pregnancy-safe options given for all exercises but only join in if you have been approved by your midwife or GP to do so. (please let Balance Fitness know if you are pregnant so appropriate modifications can be prepared)

I’ll be using a set of 5kg dumbbells and set of 3kg dumbbells. If you have access to only lighter weights at the moment you can add on an extra set or slow the tempo down to fully challenge your muscles.

Don’t forget to maintain strong posture throughout, core engaged, ribs ‘tucked in/down’ and don’t lock your knees at top range of the movements. Don’t worry, I remind you of all of these things throughout the workout!

Always LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. If you need to take a rest at any point, please do so. If you feel like you can increase the intensity while maintaining correct form and posture, then please do!


All of our live online classes are for women only. No equipment needed.

  • Monday 8pm (UK time)
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