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Thank you!

I wasn’t feeling up to a workout today but I’m glad I did as it definitely changes your mood. Very motivational chat too! Thank you!

She tells you exactly how each move is benefiting you…

Shannon is genuinely passionate about what she does. She goes to great lengths to ensure that her classes are tailored to all, with modified moves throughout. She is always happy to take time to go over any exercises you might find a challenge. My favourite part of her classes though has to be how she…


Shannon really timely what you were saying about motivation in last night’s class – I am finding it hard particularly round food and know bad habits are creating back in! Reassuring to know that it is a people thing rather than a me thing!

I loved that workout

I loved that workout as it had full body exercises in it which is just what I need at the moment…and a high heart rate after all of the non-essential cake I’ve been eating during lockdown! I’ll definitely be doing more workouts this week, I feel so much better!